Holds on library items

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Holds on library items

A hold is a reservation on a library item that is on loan to someone else. Placing a hold on an item means you have joined a waiting list. Library staff will let you know when the item is ready for you to borrow. 

Some schools don’t allow holds but you can still tell library staff about items you want to borrow. 

How to place a hold

To place a hold, search for the item in the library catalogue. If there is only one matching item for your search, click Place Hold(s):

If there are several matching items for your search, tick the box for the items you want and use the Select an Action list to select Place hold(s):

If you aren’t logged in, you will see the login box below. Enter your library card number – this is on your student ID card (if you have one) or ask library staff for help. Enter your PIN (your parent/carer’s phone number) and click Log In:

Click Place Hold(s):

You should see a confirmation window that says Success:

If go to My Account and click the Holds tab, you will see your holds:

The Place in queue column (see above) shows your position in the queue. If the place is number 1, the item is on loan and you are next in the queue. 
If the Status of the hold is Pending (see above) the hold is not ready for you. If the hold is ready for you to borrow, the Status will be Pickup by: date and you will see a green icon:

How to cancel your hold

Go to My Account and log in.

Go to the Holds tab. Tick the boxes beside the holds you want to cancel and click Cancel Hold(s)

Click Yes to confirm the cancellation:

The holds are now cancelled.