Library lists

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Library lists

My Lists

You can create a temporary list of library items. The list can be emailed, printed or saved. 

You can save permanent lists of library items, if you are logged in. The Log In option is at the top of the screen:
This makes the login box pop-up:

Enter your library card number – this is on your student ID card (if you have one) or ask library staff for help. Enter your PIN (your parent/carer’s phone number) and click the Log In button.

Temporary lists

Search the catalogue and tick the search results you want to save to a list. Go to Select an Action and click Add to My Lists:

You will see a confirmation message:

To see the list you just created, click My Lists at the top of the screen. Your list will display like this:

Temporary lists are cleared when you log out. If you aren’t logged in, they will be cleared after 10 minutes on no activity. 

You can print, email, delete one or more items in the list. To do this, tick the items and use the Select an Action menu:

You can place a hold via the Select an Action menu or the Place Hold button

Saved lists

Log in and click My Lists at the top of the screen. 

You will see any items you recently added to your Temporary List. Here is an example:

To save your Temporary List, use the Select an Action menu:
You will be prompted to give the list a name and click Save:
Your temporary list will now be empty and the saved list appears:
Click the name of the saved list to see what it contains. If you tick any of the items in the list, you can use the Select an Action menu to delete, email, print or place a hold. You can also move or copy items to another list:

How to create and deleted saved lists

To create a new saved list, click the Add List icon: 

You will be prompted to give the new list a name and click Create:
There is no limit to the number of saved lists you can have.

To delete a list, tick the box and click the Delete Lists icon:

A confirmation window appears. Click Delete if you are sure: