Check your due dates and renew loans

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Check your due dates and renew loans

How to see your loans​

Click the My Account link at the top of the screen:

This makes the login box pop-up:

Enter your library card number – this is on your student ID card (if you have one) or ask library staff for help. 
Enter your PIN (your parent/carer’s phone number) and click the Log In button.

If the login was successful you will be on the Loans tab. This is where all of your loans are listed. The example below shows one loan. It is not overdue and has been renewed once:

The example below shows three loans that have been renewed twice. The loans are overdue because there are red icons on the screen and the status is blocked from borrowing:

How to renew your loans

Tick the box beside the loans you want to renew and click the Renew button:
Look for a green confirmation message or a red failure message. 

If you see a green message check the Due Date and Times Renewed columns. 

Please ask library staff for help if you have problems or questions.