Searching the school library catalogue

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Searching the school library catalogue

Simple searches​

Enter search words in the search box and click the orange magnifying glass icon (or hit the Enter key).

You will see the number of search results and what you have searched for:

You can change your search results list by using the options under the Limit Search Results heading. For example you can search by a specific author or format:
In the example below, the Author J.K. Rowling and book Format was selected: 

If you want to remove a selection from your search, just click the red cross:

Click the cover image or title of a search result to see more about it and to see where copies are located. You also have options to email, print, place a hold or add to a list:

Searching specific fields

If you want to search for a specifiv author, title, series or subject you can use the drop down arrow beside All Fields

This is an example of a Series search:

This is an example of a Title search:

New searches

There are a couple of ways to quickly start a new search. 

Click New Search, enter new search words and click the search icon:

Click the Home icon and start a new search: 

Sorting your search results

You can change the way your search results are sorted by using the drop down menu:

Changing the search results view

You can switch between two different views of search results.

This is the list view:

This is the thumbnail view:

Search result options

You can tick the box of one or several search results, and then use the Select an Action menu:

You can tick all search results by clicking this box: