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This year, Libraries Tasmania will be celebrating the key cultural collections of the State Library of Tasmania, Tasmanian Archives and the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.

We will be inviting you once again to discover more about Tasmania’s past, and how you can play a role in telling Tasmania’s stories. 

So, get ready to… Get curious! 

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Cabinet of Curiosities

How could you say no to the temptation of opening a mysterious antique cabinet? A story that starts with a locked cabinet, a self-confessed arachnophobe and an expert in Tasmanian land snails, becomes one curator’s tale of discovery.

The Art of Mapping kunanyi/ Mount Wellington

Let's take a closer look at … the Mt. Wellington Park: Map of roads and tracks! Read the full story behind the original Mt Wellington map and its creator on the State Library and Tasmanians Archive Blog

Who was Australia's first female conductor?

A single item can be a window into a story that weaves itself across locations and generations. And a ‘musical score’ – the sheets of music notes used for a performance – owned by a notable (yet until recently, largely forgotten) Tasmanian woman is one of these windows.

91 stories woman man and woman talking man and woman talking

91 Stories...Dig Deeper

Explore the 91 Stories exhibition that brings together objects, images, artefacts and artworks – all from within our cultural collections and chosen by you.

Recently Digitised Material – January-June 2022

This blog features some of the recently digitised items from the Tasmanian Archives and the State Library of Tasmania heritage collections. Find out about new additions to our digital collections! To discover even more, you can also search our catalogue and Tasmanian Names Index or visit us on Flickr, YouTube and Instagram.

The Tasmanian Archives research files: giving remote researchers access to the same research material as locals.

Prior to the electronic submission of research enquiries, clients would mail their requests to the Archives Office of Tasmania. Known internally as the Correspondence Files, these records are still used daily by Archives staff. These files can now be discovered through a simple search in the Tasmanian Names Index.

Current Exhibition

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Events and exhibitions

If walls could talk: researching the stories and histories of Tasmanian buildings

Do you know when your house was built, or who lived there before? During 2022, our building history display at the State Library and Tasmanian Archives Reading Room is about finding out more on the history of your own home, or a place from the past that may have significance to your family heritage.

Cadbury 100 years Celebration!

Have you ever been on a Cadbury’s tour and tasted the chocolates afterwards? Visit the State Library and Tasmanian Archives and savour our rich history in the 100 Years of Cadbury’s at Claremont display.

Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts on Eventbrite

Explore our regular events: workshops, exhibition tours and talks by local and interstate historians as they share their research and stories of Tasmania’s heritage, architecture, people and more – all in a lunch hour.

Past Exhibitions

The Lanney Pillar

Who was William Lanney? The Lanney Pillar is an installation designed to encourage conversation. It was commissioned in 2021 as part of the City of Hobart's Crowther Reinterpretation project in response to the statue of WL Crowther in Franklin Square.

Vision of a Palawa

The exhibition VISION OF A PALAWA showcased contemporary artworks by Tasmanian Aboriginal artist Rodney Gardner, and the newly uncovered original drawings of 19th century French artist Nicolas Martin Petit.

Railway Exhibition

Celebrating 150 Years of Tasmanian Railways Explore the incredible collection of Tasmanian Railway records held by the Tasmanian Archives and State Library of Tasmania.

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