Book groups relaunch

Book groups relaunch! Join a Libraries Tasmania book group.

Book groups are a great way to get people together to share a love of reading, storylines, plots and characters.

Libraries Tasmania’s book groups are a free service – where the library provides the books and the groups manage the rest.

“While our libraries were closed this year, we took the opportunity to review the program, and have introduced some changes to the way we deliver this popular service,” said Executive Director, Elizabeth Jack.

Some of the changes include making the service more self-managed and extending membership for groups from one year to two years. Libraries Tasmania has also made book groups more flexible, meaning groups can decide when they receive their next delivery of books and can ask for an extension on book loans at any time.

“We made the change to self-managing in line with many other libraries interstate.

“Nationally, the trend is for book groups to be self-managed but have clear guidelines for members,” said Jack.

Book groups adhere to the same loan conditions as those for the general lending service. Anyone can start a book group by registering with Libraries Tasmania. How often groups meet, where they meet and what they discuss is up to the group.