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​We welcome offers of material that
  • contributes to Tasmania’s history and
  • helps to fill gaps in our collections
Donated material helps safeguard our documentary heritage for current and future generations.

What kind of collection donations are accepted?

Our priorities include:
  • records of Tasmanian businesses, community organisations, churches and other groups
  • letters, diaries, photos or other documents belonging to individuals or families living in Tasmania
  • unpublished or published creative writing by Tasmanians or set in Tasmania
  • Tasmanian photographs, prints or original works of art that document Tasmania's history
  • published or unpublished material on Antarctica and the whaling and sealing industries.
Libraries Tasmania reserve the right to accept or reject any donation if it does not further our objectives. Libraries Tasmania may turn down items due to limited space, condition or appropriateness.
Libraries Tasmania does not accept items sent on approval.
Learn more about what we collect.

How do I make an offer of collection material?

Please provide details using the online collection offers form.
If you are unsure if your records are significant, please contact us on (03) 6165 5538, before you discard, destroy or separate them.
You can also donate items of cultural significance to us through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program. Donations through this program are eligible for tax deductions.