Names Index records included

The Tasmanian Name Index tab searches records from the following sources

  • Arrivals (19th Century). Passengers and ships arriving, mainly in Hobart.
  • Bankruptcy (1821-1928). Documents from cases of bankruptcy and insolvency.
  • Births (1803-1933). People born in Tasmania including some baptisms collected by the Registrar General (1900-1933 baptisms only).
  • Census (1837-1857). Householders in the 1840s and 1850s, not complete for all districts.
  • Convict permissions to marry (1829-1857). Convicts applying to marry free people or other convicts.
  • Convicts (1803-1893). Convicts transported to Tasmania and those convicted locally through the convict system.
  • Court (1830-1858). Supreme Court. Minutes of proceedings in criminal cases. [1]
  • Deaths (1803-1939).
    • People who died in Tasmania including some burial records collected by the Registrar General (1900-1933 burials only).
    • Return of deaths for the General Hospital Hobart. [2]
    • Burial records for Cornelian Bay Cemetery. [3]
  • Departures (1817-1887). People leaving Tasmanian ports, mainly Launceston.
  • Divorces (1861-1920). Petitions for divorce in the Tasmanian Supreme Court.
  • Education (1846 - 1892). The first admission register for the Hutchins School.
  • Employment (1865-1902) Various employment records, mainly from the Southern Volunteer Artillery and the Inspection of Machinery Department.
  • Health & Welfare (1830-1952). Patients and attendants at various hospitals and community welfare institutions. [4]
  • Hotels & Properties (1818-1958). Hotel licensees, inquests into fires, Launceston buildings and demolished hotels.
  • Immigration (1912-1940). Nominations and arrivals of migrants under immigration schemes.
  • Inquests (1828-1927). Inquests into people's deaths.
  • Land Grants (1832-1935). People who received land grants, and localities where land grants were made.
  • Marriages (1804-1899). People who married in Tasmania.
  • Marriage certificate counterfoils (1852-1944)
  • Miscellaneous (1838-1873). General correspondence of the Comptroller general of convicts and North Fleet shipwreck survivors.
  • Naturalisations (1835-1904). People applying to become citizens.
  • Prisoners (1895-1932). Prisoners in the Hobart gaol.
  • Wills (1824-1990). Wills and letters of administration of estates registered for probate.
  • WW1 Photographs (1914-1919). Photographs and articles from the Tasmanian Mail and Weekly Courier illustrated newspaper. [5]

[1] Data indexed by the Prosecution Project. Further information about the project can be found here.

[2] Data indexed by Joyce Purtscher and kindly supplied by the Tasmanian Family History Society, Hobart Branch.

[3] Cornelian Bay data kindly supplied by Millingtons.

[4] Data indexed and provided by Joyce Purtscher from her Paupers and Invalids database, complied from multiple Tasmanian Archives resources

[5] Data indexed by Wendy Knolle and kindly supplied by the Tasmanian Family History Society, Hobart Branch.