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Library members have access to eBooks, eAudiobooks, comics, graphic novels and children’s stories.
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Thousands of eBooks, eAudiobooks, comics and graphic novels to read and listen to. Search for titles in our catalogue.

Access: OverDrive/Libby website or app: Apple | Google Play
Help: OverDrive help, Libby help, and tutorial

BorrowBox website


Thousands of eAudiobooks to listen to, including lots of Australian titles and narrators. Search for titles in our catalogue.

Access: BorrowBox website or app: Apple | Google Play
Help: BorrowBox help and tutorial

uLibrary website


Discover eAudiobooks from bestselling authors like Ann Cleeves, Anna Jacobs and Jeffrey Archer, complemented by British narrators. Search for titles in our catalogue.

Access: uLIBRARY website or app: Apple | Google Play
Help: uLIBRARY help and How it works

Story Box Library website

Story Box Library

Engaging Australian children's stories in video format read by some of our finest storytellers. Search for titles in our catalogue.

Access: Story Box Library website.
Help: Story Box Library tutorial

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