Our service commitment

Our purpose

To connect Tasmanians to knowledge, ideas and community through our libraries and archives

Our values

  • Aspiration – a culture of high expectations.
  • Respect – Respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environments.
  • Courage – Seeking opportunities and embracing challenges.
  • Growth – Always learning and improving

Our Service

We are committed to excellence in service delivery through the high quality of:

  • our programs
  • our people
  • our resources

Our commitment to you

When we deliver services to you we are:

  • respectful
  • friendly
  • professional

Our communications are:

  • in plain English
  • positive
  • helpful
  • clear
  • personalised
  • timely

​Help us to help you

Show respect for:

  • other clients
  • our staff

Treat our spaces and collections with care

Give us feedback about our service

​Feedback welcome

Contact us:


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